7333SST Solid Surface Bathtub

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Soaking Bathtub Price:
Matte finish Gloss finish
  $2,845    $3,445

Solid Surface Spec sheet

Air Bathtub Price:
Matte finish Gloss finish
$4,445 $5,045



Introducing Watertech’s first solid surface freestanding bathtub!

No other tub compares to it!

No other tub compares to it! Watertech’s new freestanding bathtub is the highest quality solid surface bathtub made in America today. Constructed from 100% solid surface “Corian” type material, using no fillers or gel coats, this bathtub weighs in at an impressive 280 pounds of true solid surface material molded into one of the most eye and body pleasing shapes you’ll ever find.

Our model 73x33SST solid surface bathtub’s double raised ends give this tub an elegance unmatched in the industry and a level of comfort that is truly incredible. It’s sleek appearance and perfectly designed curves cradle your body in style and substance. Available as either a soaker or air bath the freestanding 73x33SST will look absolutely incredible as the focal point of your new bathroom. It’s fantastic!

Don’t settle for an imitation solid surface freestanding bath of lesser materials. Read the complete story of how we make each bathtub one at a time, by hand, to meet the most stringent quality standards in the bath industry. If you’re the type of person who truly wants the best,

This is information you must have to make an informed purchasing decision

Click here to read more about how high quality solid surface bathtubs are made. We’re proud of our quality at Watertech Whirlpool Bath. It has served us, and you the customer well for over 30 years. Our new solid surface 73x33SST bathtub is the latest in a long line of products that not only meet our high standards, but will meet yours as well.

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