Whirlpool Bathtub Components

For maximum hydrotherapy a whirlpool bathtub will need a supply of air. Ideally each jet should receive an equal amount of air. Watertech is the only manufacturer that installs a silent air injector at each jet. This insures a balanced system and that each jet will produce high pressure hydrotherapy.

Conventional air control systems pull air into piping that runs from jet to jet, with more air provided to the first jet than to the last. This results in an unbalanced air supply to the jacuzzi bathtub with some jets having more pressure than others. Individual air supplies on each Watertech jet balance and maximize both air volume and water pressure.

Conventional air control systems often whistle or hiss as the air for the system must enter through a small opening in the air control knob. Our silent air valves, located at each jet, provides for quiet operation.
Other manufacturers horizontal pipe system is constructed of sagging flexible hose from jet to jet which allows dirty water to be trapped in the piping after the tub is drained. Watertech’s whirlpool bathtubs feature vertical air supply always empties when the system is turned off, thus dirty water can never be trapped in the air lines of the whirlpool bathtub.

Whirlpool and Jacuzzi Style Bathtub Jets

Each Watertech whirlpool bathtub comes equipped with high performance spa jets. Bathers have complete control of each jet’s pressure and direction. Jets turn on/off by rotating the nozzle or jet face. Jets can be easily removed from the inside the tub for servicing or cleaning. Each Watertech whirlpool is engineered to insure that jets, pump, piping and suction cover are correctly sized to insure maximum performance. Watertech is the only manufacturer that allows customers to add or move jets on any of its tub models to meet your individual needs. Our engineering department will review all requests to ensure proper design.

Whirlpool and Jacuzzi Style Bathtub Plumbing Lines

Waterlines on all Watertech whirlpools are plumbed with code compliant rigid schedule 40 PVC. Rigid piping insures lines stay clean and drain 100% after each use; meeting stringent U.L. requirements. Some companies claim their tubs have rigid PVC piping but a closer inspection reveals either Flex or a combination of Flex and rigid PVC. Flex PVC meets absolutely no building code requirements! Flex pipe often sags which allows bath water to collect in low areas which can lead to directly, contaminated water.

Steel Base on our Whirlpool Bathtub

Each Watertech whirlpool bathtub comes equipped with a structural steel base which will not bend or warp like plastic and wood bases. Our steel base insures a rigid tub bottom and a motor mounting platform that will insure that the motor doesn’t vibrate and become noisy. The use of mortar beneath the tub bottom (as codes require) is easily accomplished with our steel base. Whirlpool or jacuzzi style bathtubs with wood or plastic bases make it difficult to use mortar which insures a solid tub floor. A spongy insecure and unstable tub bottom can lead to cracking.

Whirlpool and Jacuzzi Style Bathtub Pump

Watertech whirlpool bathtubs come equipped with 2 or 3 HP pumps. Some models have dual pumps. Pumps are 100% self draining with quick disconnect unions and electrical cord. If a problem ever develops with a pump simply call and a replacement will be shipped at no charge. Watertech offers pump upgrades on most models.

Each pump carries a lifetime Warranty.

WaterTech’s Thicker Acrylic

Other’s Thin Acrylic

Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub

All Watertech whirlpool bathtubs and Jacuzzi style bathtubs are made of Lucite® cast acrylic. With an acrylic tub, you are assured of a rich, deep, lasting color. The color runs all the way through acrylic. Watertech uses thick .157 and .187 acrylic unlike other manufactures who use .100 thick acrylic. Acrylic is a nonporous material that soap and chemicals won’t stick to or fade like fiberglass products will. Acrylic colors are exact matches of Kohler, American Standard and other plumping ware. Watertech is the only manufacturer that offers marble and granite colors. Standard colors are white and bone call for pricing on other colors and an updated listing of available colors.

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